Abusive marriage ending

I am currently ending my marriage to a man with a Personality disorder. The emotional abuse was so subtle to start and then by the time I realised something wasn’t right I was addicted to the abusive cycle. I felt trapped and entangled in a web of not understanding what was going on. I have been able to start the process of breaking free from his grip by filing for divorce.

I am asking for prayer in regards to his location and job. He’s threatening if I don’t meet all his demand regarding finance and visitations he will quit his job so I no longer will get child support. His new position is moving across the country. I am praying and ask for prayer in the fact that he takes the position across the country so my girls and I can set up our life and start fresh with out being exposed to more trauma with him being too close. That God steers him in the direction of the job verses no job and the verbal and emotional attacks stop.

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