Lay your burdens down. Share your dreams. Receive grace.

what is baggage drop


Release your burdens here. Baggage Drop is a safe, secure place to drop anything that is making your heart heavy. Perhaps they are your unfulfilled hopes and dreams, an illness or situation that feels hopeless.
There is hope because prayer has the power to change your life.
Submit your request and allow us to pray for the answer you are looking for. All your requests will go to a network of people from various churches and all walks of life who are passionate about prayer and passionate about you witnessing its power first hand. All you need to do is stop, DROP let God do the rest. Send up what weighs you down and know God is on the job.


Faithful prayer works. Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself.
We know life can be hard sometimes. Heartache, pain and disappointment touch everyone. During times of struggle it can be hard to see a way out. You may feel like you are alone – but you are not.
We are here to help. We want to pray. God wants to help.
Drop your ‘baggage’ below and feel the weight begin to be lifted. As you begin to be carried in prayer, your life can change. Your own miracle could be just around the corner.

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer ~ Matthew 21:22


Experience Kaleo  is proud to bring you the Baggage Drop. We are a Christian charity that seeks to spread God’s love to the community though a number of FREE, family friendly initiatives. Experience Kaleo hosts a monthly prayer night, complete with a guest speaker, refreshments and prayer for anyone who would like it. We meet in various locations all over St. Albert,one evening each month. We also host BBQ’s in the Park, a weekly Monday Morning Mommy Meet Up at Next Christian Community & an annual evening dedicated to loving & serving the Single Mother’s in our community, near Mother’s Day.
The word Kaleo (ka-leh-oh) means to call or invite. It is our prayer that you will Experience Kaleo through journeying with us.

*Experience Kaleo Ltd. is a registered charity #78417 2892 RR0001*


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